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Established in 1999, Colorado Children's Automobile Safety Association-Foundation, a 501c3 organization, is dedicated to safety education for the safe transportation of children. Our primary focus is safe transportation in personal automobiles. We also serve as an education resource for school buses, airplanes, motorhomes, recreational vehicles and parents of children with special needs.

We were founded by Lisa & Paul Shamon with a Rose Community Foundation grant to develop community education programs for car seat use. In the same time frame, the State sponsored car seat program was experiencing a contractor change. So with the encouragement of Bill Flinchbaugh, the then representative of the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation for the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute (KPTI) and the Young Children Priority One Council (now the Safe Kids Denver Metro Coalition), and Vera Fullaway, health & safety educator with the Columbine Ambulance Foundation and one of the first/foremost Car Seat Technician/Instructors in the country, a proposal was put forth with the assistance of Phyllis Ring, Executive Director of the Denver Osteopathic Foundation that began the process of Colorado developing a world class child passenger safety education program under the oversight of the Colorado State Patrol, CPS Team Colorado.

In late 2003, Lisa Shamon took a position with the Denver Osteopathic Foundation leaving Colorado Children's without an Executive Director. With his term on the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation coming to an end, Bill Flinchbaugh identified the opportunity to take the lead roll as a non-profit partner with Colorado State Patrol and the state sponsored car seat education program. After working with Lisa and her Board of Directors, Bill was given oversight of Colorado Children's.

In his first year overseeing operations, Colorado Children's established the first NGO run car seat education and distribution program serving Boulder County, Colorado. In 2004, over 650 families were served in Boulder from the historic train station, then owned and operated by the Boulder Jaycees Inc. Events were also supported in Longmont, Denver and ad-hoc locations throughout the state. These efforts were supported by the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation, the Kiwanis clubs in Boulder County, the Boulder Jaycees and the Kaiser-Perminente Foundation.

In 2005, over 1250 families were served in Boulder. Events were also supported in Longmont, Denver and ad-hoc locations throughout Colorado and Wyoming. These efforts were supported by the Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Boulder, the Boulder Jaycees and the Kaiser-Perminente Foundation.

2006 brought an increase in requests by families throughout Colorado, many changes and new partnerships. Over 1650 families were served and over 800 cars seats were provided. Events were supported in Longmont, Denver and ad-hoc locations throughout the Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. As we've moved into 2007, additional efforts will be added supporting our commitment to providing fast and affordable car seat services. We served over 2000 families, providing just over 700 car seats.

2008 saw a huge increase in need as the economy began to show its slowness. Better placement for advertising education classes brought over 4000 people to our organization. Fortunately, the need for car seats to distribute to families was about the same as 2007. 2009 showed us what we could really do as we served almost 5000 families. 2010 was about the same as 2009, and 2011/2012 were about the same activity level as 2010. As we find ourselves fully into 2013, and the baby boom that staycations influence, an average of 15 families a day are requesting services and needing the assistance and/or a provided car seat at a rate similar to 2007. Services outreach is increasing steadily, but car seat need seems to remain at a level we can barely support. Time will tell.

Bill-Bill; with his many years as an automotive technician, safety geek, data reconstructionist, engineering background, early involvement in CRS design, passion for applying technology and other interests, Bill has become a leader in CRS and vehicle safety education. With over 55,000 CRS assists to his credit and familiarity with almost every vehicle and car seat ever sold in the US, Bill is a walking encyclopedia. If asked, Bill will assist anyone. He credits the Scouting program for his passion for helpfulness and safety. He, as we all should, thanks his wife for supporting his car seat habit. Please let our organization work for you by calling us if we can help. Remember, all children under 13 years of age should be in a back seat, and keep children under 57* inches in a booster seat appropriate for their body size and vehicle seating position. *As of August 2010, this is now Colorado law! Finally !

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Proudly serving Colorado: Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Georgetown, Idahoe Springs, Nederland, Ward, Jamestown, Rollinsville