Colorado Children's Automobile Safety Foundation

As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit - we educate to encorage change

Developed in conjunction with

Colorado Children's Automobile Safety Association-Foundation

PO Box 4133
Boulder CO 80306-4133

Bill Flinchbaugh
303-931-3443 (telephone preferred)

303-569-6964 (Google Voice)

(Good for contact with us in rural communities)

[leave voice mail if we are unable to answer]

FAX 720-287-2289


No eMail, look for us on Twitter (@carseatguy), & on Facebook.

Text or email while driving is against Colorado state law, so how do you reach us? (Please Read)

Phone calls are best. if you text, please have called first, so we can have notes to look back to. We will respond to text as schedules allows, it WILL be more timely than sending email, which we ask folks NOT to do. Since it is BEST to CALL, and it is what we request, when you call, please look at the time of day. We experience a lot of phone calls at the top of the hour and during lunch. While top of the hour may be a good reminder for you that there is something on the to do list, there is likely 2 or 10 other folks have similar reminders. As for the lunch hour, we are often also at lunch, so try to call when you return from lunch, not as you are dashing out the door. Most of all be patient. We get a lot of calls some days, and serve a lot of people. If you do not get a return call, please call again.


Hours: M-Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, by appointment, see online calendar.


Since we are in the business of safety for children, we love to meet your kids. Since they are often unpredictable when they are in your arms, and when you are on the phone, please, please refrain from calling when you are holding your child, or even in the same room with them. Why? Loud, unexpected noises. Most modern phones, land line and cellular incorporate some degree of noise canceling technology. Children often use loud, piercing sounds to get our attention. When amplified through the telephone system, they are often a huge challenge for the person listening to you, and your child. We are often out of doors, assisting families and enduring enough background noise that just hearing your conversation can be challenging enough. Add the unexpected vocalizations of children, and we often can not hear your conversation. We will ask you to put kids down or move to another room. You are calling us, and we need to be able to hear you, and you will likely want to hear our reply. Please be respectful of this so the call is not terminated. Thanks in advance.


Important additional information !!

When you do call, please help by having your child or children's height, weight and age available. Also have the make and model of your current child seat, and if you are looking for assistance in upgrading to another child seat, the make and model of that or those seats you are interested in. Lastly, since car seats are installed in a car, if you have the year, make and model of your car we can work with the information to give you the best advice possible on use and fit. We am not being nosy, this information helps us help you.



Call Today for Car Seat Help 303-931-3443

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